Tony McKee;

Horses have always encompassed Tony’s life, for both recreational and professional purposes. He has trained horses and been a student of horsemanship since he was very young. Working with horses and teaching horsemanship to both youth and adults for the last 20 years, he strives to increase his knowledge of horses while helping his students do the same. Tony worked as a Behavioral Support Worker worker for Ministry for Children and Families in BC from 1998 to 2003, and completed an extensive Adventure Based Learning Certificate Program through the Justice Institute in BC in 2002. As Program Coordinator and Facilitator with the Remuda Program for the last 5 years he has been integral to its growth, development and stability. Remuda is a successful combination of excellent facilitation skills with a quiet well trained horse herd. As a lifetime horseman, facilitator Tony understands horse behavior , and how to choose a safe reliable horse for participants to use. Tony brings with him the patience and understanding of that experience. Tony’s horses mirror that patience and understanding and this allows clients to learn in a safe non judgmental environment.

molly and tony

The Cowboy Way is something we strive to teach through our actions and interactions, we don’t really discuss it , and it isn’t written down anywhere to read, but we live it and pass it on through example and do our best to follow the code.

Code of the West:

(from “Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West” by James P. Owen)
-Live each day with courage.
-Take pride in your work.
-Always finish what you start.
-Do what has to be done.
-Be tough, but fair.
-When you make a promise, keep it.
-Ride for the brand.
-Talk less and say more.
-Remember that some things aren’t for sale.
-Know where to draw the line.

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