Remuda Horsemanship

Beginner Ranch Roping Clinic 

Come ride with us.

July 24 and 25, 2021
9am – 4pm
$400.00 + gst per 


Come and join us for a two day introduction to the fun filled and often glamorous world of Ranch Roping, and learn skills that will be practical either out on ranch pastures or in a roping arena.  90% of good roping is good horsemanship and so we will spent the weekend working on horsemanship exercises that will increase your confidence, your ability and get you and your horse communicating like a team. 
Along the way we will add in ropes, gear, dallying, dummies, pylons, coffee, cattle and dad jokes to keep things interesting.

No previous roping experience is required.
Bring your horse , or use one of the Remuda.
Quiet, easy going cattle.
Ropes and break away hondo’s can be provided.

Whether roping is on your bucket list, or you want to be a sniper in the branding pen this spring, or just looking for a job to do with your horse, this clinic will get you safely on the right track to the fun and enjoyment of swinging a loop.



Remuda Beginner Summer Camps

Camp 1.       July 19, 20, 21 and 22nd 9am – 12pm all ages
Camp 2.          August 11 and 12th 9 am – 4pm all ages

These camps concentrates mainly on relationship building and social interaction. Groundwork with the horses is the primary skill learned, as participants learn to build trust, with the horses, with the group, with themselves. Communication, body language, and respect are the tools used to achieve this. Intro to Remuda teaches how to use those tools. Successful completion of Intro to remuda enables the participant to move onto a Beginner Rider Camp.

$200 +gst per participant, per camp.
all ages



Remuda Advanced Rider Summer Camps

Camp 3.     July 19, 20, 21 and 22nd 1 – 4 pm all ages

Camp 4.       July 26th and 27th 9am – 4 pm all ages

Camp 5 . August 9 and 10th 9am – 4 pm all ages

These camps concentrates on taking skills learned in the Intro to Remuda camps, and put them to work from the saddle. Riding each day, Participants will learned beginner horsemanship skills and how to use Body language and communication from the horses backs while still encouraging trust and respect.

$200 +gst per participant, per camp.
all ages



Introduction to Horses

July 28 2021 9am – 12pm
$50 + GST , all ages
Come out and spend sometime getting to know horses in our natural and safe setting. Learn the basic skills and techniques that every horse person needs as they start their journey with these amazing animals. Work on communication, trust and understanding in this three hour camp that is sure to leave you hooked on horses.





For more info or to register you can email Tony at , or call or text him at
780 994 2859
Remuda Horsemanship Program is located at 53103 Range Road 20
Parkland County AB

Cowboy for a Day.

 June 13th

9am – 3 pm

$100 +gst per participant

Come and spend a fun filled, safe and happy day learning the skills of the cowboy. ( who know what we will do after lunch?) If you have always wanted rope and move cattle, loop across an open field, or feel the pride of working with your horse to complete a job. This is the day for you. No horse ? no problem you can saddle up one of the Remuda. Even if you have never held a rope, or seen a cow, we can give you the pointers to get you started. Building effective communication, focus and trust along the way


Beginner Ranch Roping Night

Every Saturday evening in May and June

6 – 9pm

$30 per evening

drop in and spend a fun and Covid friendly evening working on your ranch roping skills. Gentle cattle and a patient environment so you can start off your ranch roping career safely and with a smile on your face.
Remuda has horses, saddles and ropes to lend if you you need one.



Homeschool Horsemanship

Equestrian Education (5–16 years)

Remuda is an equine assisted social skill development program in which participants are encouraged to develop pro-social skills through interaction with horses. The program concentrates on traditional horsemanship methods, used for thousands of years when working with horses, and combines them with activities and ideologies from existing Adventure-based learning programs. This combination distinguishes Remuda as a unique program.
Remuda focuses on encouragement, direction and empowerment.
Encouragement for youth to take risks, with the understanding that each individuals place in society needs to be honoured.
By providing clear directions that supports individual transition in their learning curve is imperative for attaining what they want to see happen.
The Remuda Horsemanship Program provides a foundation of internal /external assets. Internal Assets are based on a commitment to learning, positive values, social competences, resistant skills and positive identity. External Assets is a foundation of building a support network among family relations, neighbourhood and school connections and positive communication among family, friends and the community at large.
Remuda is a ten weeklong program, groups running once each week for 1hour each time. Although horsemanship is the main focus of the groupʼs activities it is not exclusive, experiential games and activities are also a part of each session and provide an essential link with the skills developed working with the horses and skills used in participantʼs day-to-day lives.


Summer Mountain trips 2021.

Remuda is currently booked solid for mountain trips for the 2021 season.

Booking for summer 2022 

Whether you want to camp in the luxury of your own RV, tent it in a campground, or in the backcountry. We have you covered. Saddle up with us and take to the high hills this summer to enjoy a mountain adventure personalized for you and your needs. Riding every day, enjoying the clean mountain air.

You can bring your horse and have us pack the gear for you on a overnight trip into a remote wilderness location? or maybe you would rather camp in comfort in an equine campground and ride one of the Remuda through the Rockies on day trips lunching on the trail, we can design a trip that works for you.

Accepting July and August bookings .

need more info? check out our Mountain Trips page for a more detail description of how these trips work.

want to book a trip?