Remuda Horsemanship

Come Ride with us


Remuda is heading back to Glory J Ranch this winter to hunker down and enjoy their cosy warm indoor arena
The horses and I are super excited to get to offer you lessons back a t Glory J.
If riding this winter is on your to-do list,
We have a few different time options for you to choose from
Mondays 6 -7 pm, or 7-8 pm
Tuesdays 6 – 7 pm, or 7-8 pm
Wednesdays 5 – 6 pm, or 6-7 pm
Saturday mornings 9 -10 am, or 10-11 am, or 11-12 pm.

The evening sessions will run once a week for 10 weeks.
Monday Nov 15, 2021 and wrapping up the week of January 24th, 2022.
There will be a break over Christmas week from Dec 23rd – Jan 2.
cost of these sessions will be $367.50 gst included

Saturdays Mornings
Saturdays sessions will run once a week for 9 weeks
Saturday Nov 20, 2021, ending on January 29, 2022.
There will be a break over Christmas week from Dec 23rd – Jan 2.
cost of these sessions will be $330.75 gst included.
Call email or text Tony to register or if you have some questions
780 994 2859

Homeschool Horsemanship

Equestrian Education (5–16 years)
$30 /participant/ session

Remuda is an equine assisted social skill development program in which participants are encouraged to develop pro-social skills through interaction with horses. The program concentrates on traditional horsemanship methods, used for thousands of years when working with horses, and combines them with activities and ideologies from existing Adventure-based learning programs. This combination distinguishes Remuda as a unique program.
Remuda focuses on encouragement, direction and empowerment.
Encouragement for youth to take risks, with the understanding that each individuals place in society needs to be honoured.
By providing clear directions that supports individual transition in their learning curve is imperative for attaining what they want to see happen.
The Remuda Horsemanship Program provides a foundation of internal /external assets. Internal Assets are based on a commitment to learning, positive values, social competences, resistant skills and positive identity. External Assets is a foundation of building a support network among family relations, neighbourhood and school connections and positive communication among family, friends and the community at large.
Remuda is a ten weeklong program, groups running once each week for 1hour each time. Although horsemanship is the main focus of the groupʼs activities it is not exclusive, experiential games and activities are also a part of each session and provide an essential link with the skills developed working with the horses and skills used in participantʼs day-to-day lives.