Remuda Horsemanship

Spring is ….springing?

Remuda Spring Horsemanship Sessions


Its bound to happen? sooner or later this winter will be over.

What better way to celebrate then to saddle up and enjoy the return of sun and warmth from the back of a horse.

Get your riding season started off on the right foot, working on communication, trust, and team work while horseback

Weekly sessions starting April 25th at Remuda Ranch
We have a few different time options for you to choose from
Mondays. 5:30 – 7 pm, or 7- 8:30 pm
Wednesdays. 5:30 – 7 pm, or 7- 8:30 pm
Thursdays. 5:30 – 7pm, or 7 – 8:30pm

Saturdays. 9 – 10:30, or 10:30 – 12

The evening sessions will run once a week for 10 weeks.
Beginning the week of Monday April 25, 2022 and wrapping up the week of June 27th, 2022.
cost of these sessions will be $367.50 gst included.

Saturday sessions will run for 7 sessions beginning on April 30th and then May 7, 14, 28th and June 4, 18, and 25th.

Cost for these sessions will be $257.25 gst included

Call email or text Tony to register or if you have some questions
780 994 2859

Equine Assisted Therapy

Spring 2022 Group Sessions

This is a therapeutic horsemanship group for children and youth experiencing executive functioning and emotional regulation challenges. A partnership between therapist and horseman provides a safe opportunity to both learn the foundations of horsemanship while increasing capacity to manage impulsive behaviours, improve social skills and communication, understand interpersonal boundaries, regulate their nervous system, increase confidence and competence.  Included, as part of the group, is individual consultation, education and support to child’s parent and caregiver. This group will benefit, but is not limited to children with neurological diversity, including, but not limited to ADHD, ASD, Tourette’s and sensory processing challenges.

This group will be co-facilitated by both Kim and Tony McKee, who bring decades of experience working with youth and horses to this unique therapeutic group experience.

Checkout their bio’s here and see what else Remuda offers here

All participants will need to be screened to ensure compatibility with group.

Please contact Kim directly by phone 780 907-2543 or email for further inquires and referrals.

Kim McKee is an approved provider for NIHB (# MH0911743). Cost may also be covered by FSCD and Child and Family Services (please discuss with your case manager for prior approval). As Registered Clinical Social Worker (RSW#7617)(RSCW#20848) and Approved Clinical Supervisor her services are covered by most insurance companies. Please confirm with your insurance provider before hand. Psychotherapy services by a Registered Social Worker are recognized as an income tax deductible medical expense by Revenue Canada.

Remuda Beginner Ranch Roping/Cow working Clinics

Getting a job done with your horse is one of the most rewarding experiences in horsemanship.
Come and join us for a spring of learning the fun filled and often glamorous world Ranch Roping,or cow working.

Learn skills that can be practical either out on ranch pastures or in
a roping arena. 90% of good roping or cow work is good horsemanship and so we work on horsemanship exercises that will increase your confidence, your ability and get you and your horse communicating like a team.

Weekly Ranch Roping Lessons

7 sessions

Friday evenings 6 – 9ish May 13th – June 24th ( No roping May 20)

cost is $257.25 tax included.

No previous roping experience is required. Bring your horse , or use one of the Remuda.

Ranch Roping clinic

June 11 and 12th 2022

9 am- 4 pm ( hour lunch break around noon)

Cost $ 262.50

Come and join us for a two day introduction to star studded world of Ranch Roping!

Whether roping is on your bucket list, or you want to be a sniper in the branding pen , this clinic will get you safely on the right track to the fun and enjoyment of swinging a loop.
Along the way we will add in ropes, gear, dallying, dummies, pylons, coffee and cattle to keep things interesting.
No previous roping experience is required.
Bring your horse , or use one of the Remuda.
Quiet, easy going cattle. Overnight boarding available
Ropes and break away hondo’s can be provided.

Cow Working Clinic

May 15, 2022

9am – 3 pm

Cost $126.00 gst included

Spend the day in the saddle, taking a deep dive into the psychology of our bovine friends.

Or just chase some cows around the pen.

This one day clinic is focused on getting your horse interested in their cud chewing cousins. Learning together with your horse we will cover various aspect of working a cow. Watching for balance points, how to get your horse rating a cow, stopping and controlling movement, penning and training.

This clinic will increase the confidence, communication and partnership you and your horse share.

No previous cow experience is necessary, just come and have fun!

Horses and tack can be provide.