Remuda Colt Starters 

Whats a Colt Starter?
Here at Remuda we are looking to round up a few horse people that want to learn the skills of the horse trainer. A daily educational program for students ages 11 – 17, designed to rapidly advance students horsemanship capabilities while teaching them the pride and satisfaction of helping start a young horse.
Remuda’s colt starting program will be a 10 month program running from Sept to June, with students working 5 days a week to develop skills and resources necessary to not only improve their riding, but to learn how to start a 2 year old colt.

Colts will be purchased by Remuda Horsemanship and be paired with each individual student based upon personality by Tony McKee.

Perfect for homeschool students or students attending Connections For Learning through Parkland School Division, the program will follow the PSD calendar and run all operational days with both a morning class from 9 – 12, or in the afternoon from 1 – 4. On PD days the program will run from 9 – 3 combining both groups.
Students will be required to apply to the program and go through an interview process with Tony.


Program Goals

Students will improve their horsemanship skills and learn a broad range of equine care. They will develop their horsemanship skills and riding abilities on veteran Remuda horses in preparation for the colt starting.
They will learn the necessary skills to train a two year old gelding taking them through a process of education to produce a quiet ridable horse. Students will assist Tony in some larger group educational lessons, practicing their skills through teaching.
The year will conclude will a horse sale and the selling of the trained colts, students will learn how to market and prepare horses for sale.

Proceeds from the sale will be put towards purchasing colts and supplies for the following year.

General Skills

– basic riding
– saddling and tacking up
– equine safety
– equine health
– general equine care ( immunizations, teeth, feet) – basic equine medical care
– herd behaviour
– increased self esteem
– pro social skills 

– pasture and feed
– Communication
– sharing of knowledge
– public speaking and lesson planning

Colt Specialization

– relationship building
– emotional control
– communication and body language – trust building
– positive social skills
– colt riding
– maintaining focus
– goal achievement
– trailer loading and unloading
– ranch roping
– trail riding


Program Fees

Students will pay a monthly fee of $500, on the first of each month. With a deposit of non refundable $1500 required upon registration, this will consist of the monthly payment for April, May and June.

Hope to see you in the fall!

School Programs

Let authentic learning come alive. School programs are suited for Grades 2-12 and are available throughout the calendar year. Students are supported in the areas of:
Self-regulation and communication
Healthy peer relationships
Nature-based learning
Equestrian safety and industry basics

Seasons: Year round programming available
Location: Parkland County, Alberta (35 Kilometres Northwest of Edmonton)
Minimum: 4 Students
Maximum: 6 Students

Rates: Daily rates are available. Sessions are best for curriculum delivery. This program is $30/session per child and includes equipment, instruction, horses and programming.
Please contact us with your school and let us build the program to suit your learning needs.

Alberta Program of Studies Considerations

Horsemanship Lessons

Both basic and advanced horsemanship lessons available for horse enthusiasts of all ages. Remuda follows traditional horsemanship methods striving to connect rider and horse and strengthening the relationship between the two. From groundwork to horseback students develop a strong foundation of understanding and confidence, while working on becoming effective communicators with their horses. Among the things covered

Body Language
Seeing things from your horse’s perspective
Correcting the problem horse
Balance and Timing
Horse human connection
Seasons: Year round Programming available
Location: Parkland County, Alberta (35 Kilometres Northwest of Edmonton)

Rates: Private lessons are available for $60 per session.

Group lessons are $35 per session per participant,

group lessons generally schedule once a week for 10 weeks, sessions are generally 1.5 hours in length and groups are composed of 6 participants. Both private and group lessons include equipment, instruction, horses and programming. Arrangements can be made to involve any participants horse in sessions if desired.

Self Empowerment

These sessions involve deep learning about the self, the earth, and how holistic thinking supports balanced living. These sessions are especially well-suited for women’s groups, couples, and adults who are seeking reflection time, space, and rediscovering connection.

Minimum: 4 Mature Youth/Adults
Maximum: 12 Youth/Adults
Season: Year round programming available
Location: Parkland County, Alberta (35 Kilometres Northwest of Edmonton)

Cost $350.00

Contact our program coordinator to co-design the outcomes of your adventure or let go completely and allow us to plan an adventure for you.