Remuda Equine & Nature Assisted Therapy.

” Weaving traditional therapy approaches with our natural world”

Tony is excited to welcome, his better half, Kim McKee RSW, RCSW to the Remuda Horsemanship Team. Kim is a Registered Clinical Social Worker with over 25 years experience providing support and therapy in a variety of capacities and settings including mental health, addictions, foster care and children’s services. To learn more about Kim visit our bio page.

What is Offered

A holistic mental health assessment to create an individualized therapy plan based upon strengths and goals. This plan may also include referral recommendations, consultation and collaboration with involved service providers.

Who would Benefit

Children, youth, adults and families experiencing mental health problems, addictions, trauma and attachment as well as neurological disorders (ADHD, Tourette’s, ASD, Sensory Processing challenges).

Why Horses

Horses are natural co therapists. These gentle, non judgemental creatures are prey animals who live in the moment. They uniquely attune to human emotions providing immediate, authentic feedback from their nervous system to ours. This co regulation supports the neuroception of safety creating the foundation for corrective emotional experiences associated with trauma and attachment recovery.

These magnificent animals act as agents of change. Utilizing the human and equine connection provides the perfect opportunity to address mood and anxiety disorders, improve social skills, executive functioning, emotional regulation and addiction. Equine based therapy interventions are somatic and experiential as opposed to strictly cognitive. Connecting with parts of our brain that are often difficult to access in an office therapy setting. Increasing the human capacity to heal, learn and relate to self and others.


$170.00 per Individual  session,

$220 per Family Session,

$60 per Group Session 

sessions being roughly 1 hour in length.

Kim McKee is an approved provider for NIHB (# MH0911743). Cost may also be covered by FSCD and Child and Family Services (please discuss with your case manager for prior approval). As Registered Clinical Social Worker (RSW#7617)(RSCW#20848) and Approved Clinical Supervisor her services are covered by most insurance companies. Please confirm with your insurance provider before hand. Psychotherapy services by a Registered Social Worker are recognized as an income tax deductible medical expense by Revenue Canada.


Kim will also provide Clinical Supervision for Registered Social Workers seeking their Clinical designation.

Please contact Kim directly by phone 780 907-2543 or email for further inquires.


Offering Spring 2022 Group Sessions

This is a 10 session therapeutic horsemanship group for children and youth experiencing executive functioning and emotional regulation challenges. A partnership between therapist and horseman provides a safe opportunity to both learn the foundations of horsemanship while increasing capacity to manage impulsive behaviours, improve social skills and communication, understand interpersonal boundaries, regulate their nervous system, increase confidence and competence.  Included, as part of the group, is individual consultation, education and support to child’s parent and caregiver. This group will benefit, but is not limited to children with neurological diversity, including, but not limited to ADHD, ASD, Tourette’s and sensory processing challenges.

All participants will need to be screened to ensure compatibility with group.

Beginning Tuesday April 26, 2022  and ending on Tuesday June 28, 2022.

Ages 5-12 will run from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Ages 13-18 will run from 7:00 PM-8:00 PM

Group cost is $600

Contact Kim directly for inquires and referrals.




School Programs

Let authentic learning come alive. School programs are suited for Grades 2-12 and are available throughout the calendar year. Students are supported in the areas of:
Self-regulation and communication
Healthy peer relationships
Nature-based learning
Equestrian safety and industry basics

Seasons: Year round programming available
Location: Parkland County, Alberta (35 Kilometres Northwest of Edmonton)
Minimum: 4 Students
Maximum: 6 Students

Rates: Daily rates are available. Sessions are best for curriculum delivery. This program is $30/session per child and includes equipment, instruction, horses and programming.
Please contact us with your school and let us build the program to suit your learning needs.

Alberta Program of Studies Considerations

Horsemanship Lessons

Both basic and advanced horsemanship lessons available for horse enthusiasts of all ages. Remuda follows traditional horsemanship methods striving to connect rider and horse and strengthening the relationship between the two. From groundwork to horseback students develop a strong foundation of understanding and confidence, while working on becoming effective communicators with their horses. Among the things covered

Body Language
Seeing things from your horse’s perspective
Correcting the problem horse
Balance and Timing
Horse human connection
Seasons: Year round Programming available
Location: Parkland County, Alberta (35 Kilometres Northwest of Edmonton)

Rates: Private lessons are available for $60 per session.

Group lessons are $30 per session per participant,

group lessons generally schedule once a week for 10 weeks, sessions are generally 1.5 hours in length and groups are composed of 6 participants. Both private and group lessons include equipment, instruction, horses and programming. Arrangements can be made to involve any participants horse in sessions if desired.

Self Empowerment

These sessions involve deep learning about the self, the earth, and how holistic thinking supports balanced living. These sessions are especially well-suited for women’s groups, couples, and adults who are seeking reflection time, space, and rediscovering connection.

Minimum: 4 Mature Youth/Adults
Maximum: 12 Youth/Adults
Season: Year round programming available
Location: Parkland County, Alberta (35 Kilometres Northwest of Edmonton)

Cost $350.00

Contact our program coordinator to co-design the outcomes of your adventure or let go completely and allow us to plan an adventure for you.

Team Building/ Educational Happenings

This Remuda Program is developed to strengthen communication, relationship and leadership skills in organizational and workplace environments. Equine assisted learning is an effective and efficient method to build confidence in your team and fine tune leadership skills. This four hour seminar can host up to eight participants who will learn to build positive relationships through communication, trust, connection and increasing physical and visual listening skills.

Whether you want to increase productivity, improve social environments or just want to have fun as a team this program is easily tailored to organizations identified needs. Participants will gain valuable feedback through interacting with our team of gentle horses. Individual and team goals are established prior to working with the horses (at a coffee and biscuit meeting) and then debriefed afterwards to help draw comparisons to everyday life. Equine assisted learning opportunities consistently prove to be an effective and empowering method of improving leadership and social skills. The topics covered will include:

Building Relationships through Trust.
Listen to what is Said, and How it is Said.
Knowing when and How to Support each other.
Effective Communication.
Building Commitment through Purpose.

Minimum: 4 Mature Youth/Adults
Maximum: 12 Youth/Adults
Season: Year round programming available
Location: Parkland County, Alberta (35 Kilometres Northwest of Edmonton)

Cost $500.00

No previous horse experience is required to participate. Remuda values “Challenge by Choice” and honours that everyone’s comfort level with horses in different. No one is expected to do anything they are not at ease with.Contact our program coordinator to co-design the outcomes of your adventure or let go completely and allow us to plan an adventure for you.